30 May 2012

War of 1812

There is a local event in Spencerville, ON 1 -3 June. There will be a re-enactment of an election, a Regency Ball and so much more

Also Parks Canada has a very interesting web site   www.pc.gc.ca
Click on 'a time to discover' then WAR of 1812, then 'interactive map and timeline'
Explore the timeline by clicking on a coloured dot. The date of the event will appear as well as a short description. The timeline begins with date 22 June 1777, the start of the American Revolution and lists many events as well as some associated with the War of 1812. I did not check how far it went forward in time. I did check for any mention of the Rideau Canal and there was none although it did mention that the Duke of Richmond was appointed the Governor General of British North America on 17 Dec 1817. He developed a comprehensive plan to defend the Colonies from a potential american attack.

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