22 May 2012

Timeline May 22 & 23

May 22
337   Constantine the Great, Roman Emperor died. (b. 272)
1622  Louis de Buade Frontenac, French courtier and governor of New France 1672-82 & 1689-98 was born.
1813  Richard Wagner German composer was born in Leipzig, Germany.
1859  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle author of Sherlock Holmes was born in Edinburgh, Scotland.
1906  The Wright brothers were granted U.S. patent number 821,393 for their "Flying-Machine".

May 23
1430  Joan of Arc was captured by the Burgundians who sold her to the English.
1568  The Netherlands declared their independence from Spain.
1707  Carolus Linnaeus Swedish botanist was born. He created a system for defining genera and species.
1873  Canada's North West Mounted Police was established.

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