04 November 2012


Strays! An Index to the OGS Strays Project (CD-ROM)
Ottawa Branch OGS is looking for a new Strays Project Coordinator

A Stray is a recorded event in which a person is described in the record as being from, or connected with, a place outside the area in which the event took place. Strays are collected to provide a useful index which may help family historians find missing family members, i.e. when people leave their usual place of abode, they lose contact with their family and therefore are "lost" or "missing." Strays are found in such records as marriage registers, civil registration records, newspapers, census returns, grave markers, land records, biographies and burial registers, and local history books. The Strays Project is a special project of the Society and the Society is publishing the results of this project in a series of booklets. The duties include:

  1. Explains and facilitates the project within their area.
  2. Coordinates the volunteers collecting and transcribing strays in the Branch area.
  3. Prepares, collates and submits to the OGS Strays Project Coordinator the strays collected on a regular basis, clearly marked "Strays".
  4. Reports twice a year (June and December) to the Project Coordinator on the status of the project.
  5. Submits an annual budget to the Treasurer for initial review and inclusion in the Branch budget which is approved by the Branch Board of Directors.
  6. Obtains prior Board approval for any expenses outside of the budget.
  7. Submits claims for reimbursements with receipts to the Branch Treasurer as soon as possible. 
  8. Whenever possible, attends meetings of the Branch and the Board of Directors.
  9. Prepares an annual report for the Branch AGM and other reports when requested by the Board or the Provincial Office.
  10. Must be a member of the Ontario Genealogical Society and Ottawa Branch.
  11. Upon termination of office, surrenders all documents, records and property of the Branch to his/her successor or to the Board.
Term of office: one year; may be re-elected nine times, for a maximum service of ten consecutive years.

If you are an Ottawa Branch members and would likew to coordinate this important project of the Society, please contact  me at pastchair@ogsottawa.on.ca

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