25 November 2012

Timeline November 25 & 26

November 25
1120  The White Ship sank in the English Channel, drowning William Adelin, son of Henry I of England.
1487  Elizabeth of York was crowned Queen of England.
1748  Isaac Watts, British hymn writer, died.
1783  The British evacuated New York, their last military position in the United States, during the Revolutionary War.
1835  Andrew Carnegie, Scottish born steel Industrialist and philanthropist, was born in Dunfermline, Scotland.

November 26
1604  Johannes Bach, German composer and musician was born (d. 1673)
1863  US President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed November 26 as a national Thanksgiving Day, to be celebrated annually on the final Thursday of November (since 1941, on the fourth Thursday).
1922  Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon became the first people to enter the tomb of Pharaoh  Tutankhamun in over 3000 years.
1922  Charles Schulz, American cartoonist and creator of the "Peanuts" comic strip, was born.

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