02 July 2011

Ontario Timeline June 26 to July 2

June 26
1832  At Prescott, 46 cases of cholera and 16 deaths from the same disease were reported.
1959  Queen Elizabeth formally opened the St. Lawrence Seaway.
1961  Upper Canada Village opened near Morrisburg.

June 27
1860  The Queen's Plate, the oldest continuously run turf event in North America, began at Carlton Track in Toronto.

June 28
1838  Queen Victoria's coronation was celebrated throughout Upper Canada
1925  A reception was held at Ottawa for Field Marshall Earl Haig, British commander-in-chief during WW I.

June 29
1817  The Presbyterian clergyman William Bell, the first resident minister for the Rideau Settlement, held his first service at Adamson's Inn, Perth.
1853  Ernest Alexander Cruickshank, the first chairman of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, was born in Bertie Township.
1871  The BNA Act was amended to give Parliament the right to establish new provinces and boundaries.

June 30
1798  Ojibwa Indians traded St. Joseph Island to the crown in exchange for goods.
1851  Robert Baldwin, the champion of responsible government, retired from public life.
1948  Mackenzie King made his last speech as prime minister in the House of Commons.

July 1
1858  Bishop John Strachan laid the foundation stone of Toronto's St. Stephen-in-the Fields Church.
1884  The Methodist Church formally amalgamated with the Primitive Methodist Church of Canada, the Bible Christian Church of Canada and the Methodist Episcopal Church of Canada to form the largest Protestant body in the country.
1927  Diamond Jubilee ceremonies to mark Confederation were conducted throughout Ontario. The House of Commons carillon was opened by Governor General Willingdon as the first event in the celebration.

1867  The British North America Act proclaimed that The Provinces of Canada (Ontario and Quebec), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were formed into one Dominion under the name of Canada. Dominion Day celebrated the BNA Act until 1982 when the name was changed on Oct. 27, 1982 to Canada Day to commemorate the patriation of Canada's Constitution.

July 2
1671  Jacques Marquette, probably the most renowned of all Jesuit missionary explorers, took his final vows at Sault Ste Marie.

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