04 July 2011

Timeline July 3 to 6

July 3
1797  Formation of the Law Society of Upper Canada.
1814  Fort Erie was captured by an American force.
1838  Francis Hincks founded the Toronto Examiner.

July 4
1893  A tug-of-war team from Zorra, Ontario were proclaimed world champions at the Chicago World Fair.

July 5
1814  The Battle of Chippawa was fought on the north bank of the Chippawa River near Niagara Falls. General Phineas Riall led some 2,000 British regulars and Canadian militia against an invading army of 4,000 Americans under Generals Jacob Brown and Winfield Scott, and was badly beaten.
1958  The Stephen Leacock Memorial Home was opened at Orillia.

July 6
1907  The Kirkfield Lift Locks, near Peterborough was officially opened.

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