13 July 2011

Timeline July 13 to 16

July 13
1953  The Stratford Festival opened its first summer with Alex Guiness in the title of Richard III, at Stratford, Ontario.

July 14
1812  The justices of the peace in York, determined to maintain respectability in the town, forbade public bathing in Lake Ontario between sunrise and sunset.

July 15
1882  In Toronto, Major Thomas Moore founded the first corp of the Salvation Army of Canada.
1929  Invented in Toronto by Thomas Carroll, the combine harvester was given its first successful test in a farmer's field near Sarnia.
1983  The federal cabinet approved plans to test American cruise missiles in Canada, beginning in 1984.

July 16
1792  The Executive Council, meeting in Kingston, issued one proclamation dividing the colony into nineteen counties extending from Glengarry in the east to Essex in the west, and a second ordering that elections be held in these counties.
1975  Fire ravaged the old Bell Organ factory (founded 1864) in Guelph.

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