26 July 2011

War of 1812

Battle of Lundy's Lane 25 July 1814

The battle started late in the day and ended about midnight.  Soldiers did not know if the one next to them was a friend or foe. Those who fought in the Peninsula had never seen such carnage. Casualties [dead,wounded, deserted or missing] of the British were 878 [84 dead] and Americans 853 [174dead] British Regiments involved were; 1st, 8th, 41st,
89th, 103rd and 104th as well as a number of militia.
Ref: Wikipedia, Battle of Lundy's Lane; and
Flames Across the Border, 1813-1814, Pierre Burton

Laura Secord is buried in Drummond hill Cemetery.

Also buried there is Robert Randall on whose headstone is
written 'Died of Colonial Misrule'.  He is connected to the Ottawa area as he owned the land now known as LeBreton Flats. He will be the subject of a later post.

Pictured at right is a monument in Drummond Hill Cemetery.

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