21 July 2011

Timeline July 21 to 23

July 21
1796  Having been granted a leave of absence on account of ill health, John Graves Simcoe, accompanied by his family, left York on board the Onondaga for Quebec and England. He never returned to Upper Canada.
1814  An American force of 150 soldiers and sailors attacked an undefended North-West Co. depot at Sault Ste Marie, razed the sawmill, dwellings and stables and destroyed the bateau locks.
1870  The Ottawa City Passenger Railway Co. began transportation service with horse-drawn streetcars between the capital and New Edinburgh.

July 22
1820  Birth in Kingston of Oliver Mowat, later to be Ontario`s premier for 24 years.
1884  The boundaries of Ontario were defined by the Imperial Privy Council.
1915  Sir Sandford Fleming, engineer, railroad builder and originator of "standard time," died.

July 23
1840  The Act of Union, which united Upper and Lower Canada into the Province of Canada, was passed by the British Parliament.

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