18 July 2011

Timeline July 17 to 20

July 17
1812  Capt. Charles Roberts, British commander at Fort St. Joseph, descended on Michilimackinac with 46 officers and men of his 10th Royal Veterans, 180 voyageurs and almost 400 Indians. The fort was taken without resistance.
1898  The Montreal and Atlantic Railway Co. completed tracks between Ottawa and Montreal.

July 18
1853  The Ontario, Simcoe and Huron Railroad started operating between Toronto and Brantford.
1932  Canada and the United States signed an agreement to build the St. Lawrence Seaway. It was not completed until 1959.

July 19
1921  Prohibition came into effect in Ontario with Bill 26 banning the importation of liquor into the province, while the Sandy Bill disallowed the commercial movement of alcohol within the province.
1963  The Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism was appointed.

July 20
1784  One of the earliest settlers in the Hamilton area, Robert Land, whose death sentence in New York for being a British spy had been overturned by George Washington, erected a dwelling at what in now the corner of Barton and Leeming streets.
1799  The first edition of the Canada Constellation, Upper Canada's earliest independent newspaper, was published at Newark by Gideon and Silvester Tiffany.
1814  Eight settlers from Niagara and London districts, indicted for high treason during the War of 1812, were executed in the "Bloody Assize" at Burlington Heights (Hamilton). Eleven more were sentenced to exile and four were acquitted.
1965  In Ottawa, Prime Minister Lester Pearson outlined a medicare plan to provincial premiers.

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