05 July 2011

War of 1812

Battle of Chippawa 5 July 1814
According to 'Red Coats and Grey Jackets'; by Donald E Graves: "On the banks of the Niagara River, a few miles south of the great falls, a battle took place on 5 July 1814. For more than three hours on a hot summer afternoon, four thousand American, British, and Canadian Soldiers, as well as Native warriors from many nations, fought in the fields and woods surrounding Canadian Samuel Street's prosperous farm-- when the fighting had ended, more than seven hundred lay dead or wounded."

This battle is of interest to settlers of Goulbourn Twp as members of the 100th Regt of foot participated. The museum at Stanley's Corners, just south of Stittsville houses artifacts and memorabilia of that regiment. Also there are lists of the soldier/settlers as well as the attestation records of soldiers in that regiment.

Also at Chippawa were the following units:
Royal Artillery and RA Drivers
19th Light Dragoons
1st Foot (Royal Scots)
8th Foot (Kings Regt)
100th Foot
2nd Regt, Lincoln Militia

The reference details everything one would need to know to get a vivid picture of the battle.

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