23 July 2011

Ottawa Branch Library

Two years ago, we decided that we needed to re-catalogue the Ottawa Branch library to make it easier for visitors use. Since both BIFHSGO and the Sir Guy Carleton libraries use the Dewey system, we decided to follow suit. With almost 5000 items in our library, it took some time but the conversion should soon be completed.

The assignment of the new numbers was the first task and that was completed last fall. The numbers were added to our catalogue at the same time. But the preparations for the move to the new building put the conversion on the back burner. We did not want to get part way through this step and have to get out of the way of the movers.

Last week a team of volunteers replaced all the labels on the books with the new Dewey number and then started to sort and reshelve the books. Compounding the issue was the need to adjust shelving height on virtually every shelf. That's not part of the conversion as the shelves needed adjustment but it does take up time.

It will probably take most of the next week to complete the process, but we expect it to be an improvement for genealogists in Ottawa. Drop by and see us sometime.

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