06 October 2011

Ottawa Branch - Meeting Location Survey

We are in the process of reviewing the location of our general meetings. Some of our members may be too far away to regularly attend our meetings but we would would appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill in the attached survey.

As background:
a. effective January 1, 2012, Public Works and Government Services Canada ( PWGSC ) will assume responsibility for the booking of spaces on the ground floor of Library & Archives Canada (LAC), including the rooms we have traditionally used. We have been unable to determine if we will be able to continue holding our meetings at LAC or the conditions and cost of any rooms;
b. the new City of Ottawa Archives has suitable rooms for our meetings and the Partners (including Ottawa Branch) can obtain them for free if not already booked. However, there is a charge for security if the room is required outside normal working hours (9am to 5pm Mon to Friday, 10am to 5pm Saturday); this is normally $85.00 for an evening or $45 for a shorter period.  We currently hold four meetings in most months: the Board meeting, the general meeting, the Computer Special Interest Group and the Irish Research Group. These have traditionally been held on weekday evenings and so moving all to the City Archives would cost us $340 per month.
c. the recent OGS/National Institute of Genealogical Studies partnership has provided us with the opportunity to use LiveMeeting to "broadcast" general meetings to members via the Internet. At least one other branch has done this already with good success. Out of town members could "attend" meetings by using their computer. We need a location that provides Internet access.
We continue to look for other options and to hope that PWGSC can resolve their situations soon. We have come up with a few options and I would appreciate your feedback:

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