06 October 2011

Timeline Oct 5 to 8

Oct 5
1793  Lt Gov Simcoe viewed the harbour at Penetanguishene, "Place of the White Rolling Sands."
1813  Battle of the Thames took place at Moraviantown (present-day Thamesville). Indian Chief Tecumseh was killed and the town of Fairfield was destroyed by the Americans.
1878  The Marquis of Lorne, married to Princess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria, was appointed 4th governor general of Canada.
1962  The Beatles' first hit, Love Me Do, was released in the UK

Oct 6
1744  James McGill, Scottish born Canadian fur trader, merchant and politician, was born. Died Dec. 19, 1813.
1768  Sir Isaac Brock, British politician and soldier, War of 1812, was born.
1948  A Newfoundland delegation arrived in Ottawa to discuss terms for entering Confederation.

Oct 7
1763  The Proclamation of 1763, which provided boundaries and terms of government for territories Britain acquired from France under the Treaty of Paris, was issued.
1765  The Stamp Act Congress convened in New York to draw up colonial grievances against England.

Oct 8
1843  Old Christ Church, on Sparks St. in Ottawa, was consecrated by Bishop John Strachan, The original church had been built in 1832.
1884  Pembroke became the first Ontario town to use electricity for street lighting.
1951  Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip began a tour of Canada which lasted until November 12.

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