05 October 2011

War of 1812

Battle of the Thames, Thamesville, ON 5 Oct 1813

Info taken from Gilbert Collins' "Guidebook to the Historic Sites of the War of 1812" pg 74
A more detailed account is Pierre Burton's "Flames Across the Border 1813-1814" pg 191-208
This battle occured during General Proctor's retreat from Amherstberg
"On the morming of 5 Oct. 1813, General Proctor deployed the 41st Reg., which consisted of less than 297 men rank and file, across the main road to Burlington. Tecumseh, with 800 Indians, was deployed in the woods on the British right. It was here, near the Moravian village, that they would try to stop the Americans advance.
When the American Army, 3000 strong under Major General Harrison approached, Harrison noted that the British line looked rather thin. He decided to charge with his mounted infantry, and the attack succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. After one ragged volley, the British line went to pieces under the inpact of the charge. The Battle of the Thames was small, but one of the most decisive of the war. The British were never able to field an army in the western half of the province for the remainder of the war.
Thamesville would hardly be remembered today but for the death of the great Tecumseh
The battle site is located on Hwy 2, about 4k's east of Thamesville

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