03 October 2011

War of 1812

On Monday night. 10 Oct 2011 at 9PM all PBS stations with a Canadian audience will be telecasting a program on the War of 1812. More info at www.pbs.org/1812. The bicentennial starts on 18 June 2012 and the war ended on 24 Dec 1814. There is no direct involvement in the war for present day Ottawa area but the war lead to the building of the Rideau Canal 1826-1832. Also a large number of soldiers of the 100th Reg. of Foot [the 99th Reg. after Feb 1816] settled in the Richmond Military Settlement mainly in Goulbourn Twp. Visit the Goulbourn museum. the home of the 100th/99th at www.goulbournmuseum.ca They also have a Blog and are on Facebook and they 'Tweet'

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  1. Did anyone else stay up to watch? I am no expert on the war but they seemed to do a decent job covering it, from what I have read. It's hard to squeeze two and a half years of even a small war into two hours. It was tilted slightly to the US perspective but then, they did most of the attacking. There was a fair bit of information on the natives' involvement. I recognized a number of the "talking heads" as authorities on the war. They also talked about some of the myths that have grown up about the war.