13 October 2011

War of 1812

Battle of Queenston Heights 13 Oct 1812

Ref: 'A Very Brilliant Affair' by Robert Malcomson
From Outside Back Cover " As summer turned into fall in 1812, two armies watched each other warily across the turbulent Niagara River that formed the border between the United States and British Canada. On the American side, regular soldiers and state militia trained under the inexperienced, politically-appointed General Stephen Van Rensselear, while on the British side General Isaac Brock worried about defending his long frontier with a meagre force of regulars and militia and a group of native warriors about whom he had serious doubts"
Genealogy wise, a list of British side personnel is listed in Appendix G pg 262
Upper Canada Militia personnel listed Appendix H pg 268
American Army personnel Appendix C pg 237
During this battle Sir Isaac Brock, born 1769 was killed this date 13 Oct 1812
On page 32 it mentions that both Napoleon and Wellington were both born the same year as Brock [1769]

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