26 October 2011

Timeline Oct 26 to 29

Oct 26
1774  The first US Continental Congress adjourned in Philadelphia.
1806  On the eve of his departure for an important post in India, John Graves Simcoe died in Exeter, Devon at age 54.
1825  The Erie Canal opened, connecting Lake Erie and the Hudson River in upstate New York.
1881  The gunfight at OK corral took place in Tombstone, AZ.

Oct 27
1728  James Cook, British naval captain, was born. Died Feb 14, 1779.
1783  John Collins, deputy surveyor general, surveyed the town plot of Kingston. This survey was undertaken to provide lands for Loyalists.
1951  In London, the cobalt therapy unit at Victoria Hospital treated its first patient.
1867  Expo '67 closed in Montreal.

Oct 28
1818  The remainder of the Mississauga Tract was purchased from the Mississauga Indians "inhabiting the river Credit, Twelve and Sixteen Mile Creeks."
1886  The Statue of Liberty, a gift of the people of France, was dedicated in New York Harbour by President Grover Cleveland.
1914  Dr. Jonas Salk, American medical researcher, Who developed the first polio vaccine, was born.
1955  Bill Gates was born.

Oct 29
1682  William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, landed at what is now Chester, PA.
1929  "Black Tuesday" - Prices crashed on the world's stock markets, and Canada was plunged into the Great Depression.
1969  The Internet had its beginnings when the first host-to-host connection was made on the Arpanet - an experimental military computer network - between UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, Calif.
2004  European Union leaders signed the EU's first constitution.

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