27 October 2011

War of 1812

Battle of Chateauguay 26 Oct 1813

Ref: Guidebook to the Historic Sites of the War of 1812, pg 196 by Gilbert Collins
'In the autumn of 1813, General Wade Hampton, with an army of over 4,000 men, moved against the British defence system on the Chateauguay River. Opposed to him was the advance guard under the command of Lt. Colonel Charles Michel de Salaberry, a French-Canadian. His force consisted of about 1500 troops, mainly militia, from the surrounding Counties.' The battle did not go well for the Americans and Hampton withdrew his forces.
'The Battle of Chateauguay, along with the victory at Crysler's Farm, 11 Nov 1813, prevented the capture of Montreal'
Visit Parks Canada website www.pc.gc.ca for info on the Battle of Chateauguay National Historic Site near Ormstown, Que
Ref; Pierre Burton's Flames across theBorder, 1813-1814 pg 228
'In this battle in which some 460 troops forced the retirement of 4000, the victors have lost only 5 killed and 16 wounded with 4 men missing. (The Americans casualties number about 50). It has been a small battle for Canada, profoundly significant. A handful of civilian soldiers, almost all French Canadian, has, with scarcely any help, managed to turn back the greatest invasion threat of the war. Had Hampton reached the St. Lawrence to join Wilkinson's advancing army, who would give odds on the survival of Montreal?? With Montreal gone Upper Canada would be cut off..

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